Scotland packaged and labelled

Scotland packaged and labelled


Country goodness packaged and labelled

Country craft centres are on the rise.  In every area of the country, they’ve become a go-to destination for families looking for a fun day out and a great, shopping experience that’s worlds away from the high street.  But they’re a fantastic trading opportunity for switched-on sellers too.


Country craft centres are nothing new.  Before railways and cheap transport revolutionised trading, almost all goods, foods and other commodities were locally sourced.

Wherever you are in the UK, you’re never further than a dozen miles or so from a countryside craft centre – You even get them in central London!  It’s a great way for small businesses to trade direct with their customers.

Families or individuals who visit country craft centres do so because they’re attracted to your sort of goods –unique, quirky, “premium quality” products.  Retailing in this way puts you in direct touch with your sort of customer

Because country craft centres are individual and local, you can make a feature of the local nature of your product, be it Devon cream teas, Scottish tartan or Black Country wrought iron work.  Package your product to make the most of your local connections!  Much easier to do if you have access to dedicated in-house label printing technology!


The Heart of the Country, one of the first of the modern generation of country craft “villages” opens, initially selling locally sourced or produced flowers, fabric and china.  Now home to twenty outlets all with a distinctive regional theme

Around 400 village shops and a whopping 900 country pubs closed in the UK last year

Country craft centres, however, are booming with new outlets opening and existing outlets expanding and diversifying all the time.

The recently opened “Born in the Borders” craft centre specialises in products with a distinct Scots Border Country flavour.  It’s even got its own craft brewery.

With specially prepared countryside walks and a high quality restaurant, it caters for a wide variety of shoppers and continues to expand its franchised outlets.

The small, single product village shop has an important role to play in countryside life – but, increasingly, it’s struggling to survive against strong retail competition.

The new breed of country craft centre, with a wide range of high quality product outlets and local designer labels is rapidly becoming a favoured shopping, eating and leisure destination for many families looking for the sort of goods and gifts that you can’t find online or on the high street.


  • It’s a great idea to give prospective purchasers detailed product specific information about the goods you’re selling.  It makes the product more personal and unique, provides a means of strengthening the bond between the customer and the maker and, with modern label printing technology, it’s easy to do.
  • The Heart of the Shires shopping village is one of the largest country craft centres with 25 individual outlets including antiques, furniture and even bridal wear.
  • Some craft centres let you get in on the act too.  One centre near Berwick upon Tweed encourages you (or the kids) to have a go at hand made pottery or glass painting, for example.

Most countryside craft centres have a café (some have a full-blown, licensed restaurant) and many have an adventure playground, making it a pleasant experience for all the family.  This opens up sales opportunities for many types of products.

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